by bradley l bowers

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The COSMOS collection is the result of bradley's research into virtual simulations, and generative algorithms. COSMOS is an explosion of pattern and hue. Inspired by planetary orbits and interstellar space, each textile blurs the boundaries of color, line, pattern, and form.

Photographer: David Gary Lloyd  /  Model: S. Garza

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BowersScarfs-249 - © David Gary Lloyd.jpg

The locus for each color group possess a ‘gravity’ that pushes, pulls, and bends neighboring colors and shapes into a vibrant tapestry of contemporary art. Using the latest in CAM (computer aided manufacturing) technology, each textile’s distinct pattern and palette transforms blank silk and cashmere canvases into avant garde explorations of color and shape

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BowersScarfs-101 - © David Gary Lloyd.jpg
BowersScarfs-155 - © David Gary Lloyd.jpg
BowersScarfs-459 - © David Gary Lloyd.jpg

A dynamic bouquet of energy and movement each textile in the COSMOS series becomes an exploration of color and motion.  


by Bradley L Bowers