CHRO(ME) is a conceptual reality activated by the viewer. The piece depersonalizes identity, dissolving viewers and environments into fluid continuums of shades and hues. Activated by the viewer, CHRO(ME) becomes a space where XYZ is reimagined as RGB.


Site specific

CHRO(ME) is featured in a group exhibition of eighteen artists exploring new technologies. Spanning five storefronts in Historic Downtown Miami. Each space is transformed into five conceptual levels—Dissociation, Liminality, Other Worlds, Resurface, and Flatland. CHRO(ME) headlines the exhibition by re-imagining the Dissociation space into a viewer activated portal of chromatic intensities.

The installation

CHRO(ME)'s physical structure was conceived as an alien object displaced into a foreign environment. The contrast between CHRO(ME)'s rigid shell--modern architecture's dogmatic white box--and its contents--undulating chromatic gradients--give the piece a duality that set it at odds with its surroundings, but in sync with its viewer.