B.Lab is the test kitchen for our studio. Within B.Lab we hypothesize, explore, and test the potential of new technologies, and how these technologies can and should intersect with the storied heritage of handcraft. We conduct our explorations within the overlap of craft and technology and what we discover we share.


Branching Structures

Neural nets

B.LAB's study of virtual and actual branching systems is rooted in structural form finding. the final aesthetic and tectonic properties of each experiment are the result of a user driven virtual landscape. each landscape generates a design solution capable of satisfying a variety of structural and aesthetic

criteria simultaneously.



Topological Apertures


B.LAB's exploration of topological mesh manipulation is inspired by the breathing apertures called stomata, found on the undersides of various leaves. through our exploration and experimentation user driven inputs act as a catalyst for geometry driven outputs. through this iterative process we were able to create a design-feedback loop that generated optimized rather than arbitrary geometries.



Voronoi Diagramming

complex clusters

Voronoi diagrams have long been used in conjunction with site-proximity experiments. At B.LAB we wanted to make use of an alternate quality Voronois posses: their interconnected clustering patterns. Our exploration extends from a desire to create intricate data driven patterns within simple and/or complex bounding geometries. Using these inherent patterns allows for a diverse range of massing and space-optimizing systems.