Babel is a commissioned piece that started as a simple request: a means to display portions of a greater wine collection. From there the way forward seemed as simple as the client’s wishes, showcase the bottle as the main event. In my research about wine and its storage I came across a bit of information about the angle at which a bottle of wine should be stored, roughly 15 degrees. At this angle the cork is ensured to never dry out, causing the wine inside to aerate and spoil. 


sketch & cad development

The sketch process started as it always does for me: initial gestures and explorations line the pages of my sketch book. These initial “scribbles” aim to capture the idea more than the detail. These early sketches became the blueprints that would guide later aesthetic & construction developments.


Although the form seems simple enough constructing Babel proved to be a challenge. No two angled pieces are identical and none form a 90 degree intersection. Because of the shifting angular zig-zag Babel creates the illusion of continuous upward growth, the source of its name. If any angle was off by a single degree every subsequent angle would be distorted as well. Precision was key. 

Technical Specs

To ensure as much precision as possible I created an exhaustive Construction Document that detailed placements, dimensions, and joints. This document was partnered with CAD-CAM files that allowed for the production of precise CNC laser-cut templates and jigs.